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  • Kyiv,
    Peremohy ave. 37,
  • +380 (44) 406 86 10
+380 (44) 454 92 85
  • kafedra@acts.kpi.ua

Open doors days

Faculty days of open doors will be held on 25.02.2017,25.03.2017, 29.04.2017, 27.05.2017, 03.06.2017, 10.06.2017, 17.06.2017 in room 339, build. 18 NTUU “KPI”.

About ACTS

One of the leading departments of Ukraine, whose alumni activities are related to computerization, is the Department of Automation and Control in Technical Systems of Faculty of Informatics and Computing Technique of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”.

The peculiarity of the training of our graduates is a profound study of the most modern high-tech fields of science and technology: Information Technology; computer, microprocessor-based electronics; systems and networks of data transfer and telecommunications; computerized control systems. Our students receive a fundamental knowledge of:programming (algorithmic languages and programming; object-oriented programming; modern programming techniques; systems programming; databases; operating systems; WEB-technologies, etc.);

FICT’s hot line: 066-341-89-60