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Cycle of humanitarian and socio-economic training

History of Ukraine
History of Ukrainian Culture
Ukrainian language
Foreign language
Political science

Cycle of mathematical, natural-scientific training

Higher Mathematics
Probability theory and mathematical statistics For stationary, For distance learning
Special Sections Mathematics:
part.I. Discrete mathematics
Engineering and computer graphics
part.I. Algorithmic language
part.II. Object-oriented programming

lectures, computer workshop,

presentationcourse work

part.III. System programming lecturespresentationcomputer workshopprogramming environment

Cycle professional and practical training

Basic metrology
Life safety and labor protection
Computer electronics
Operating systems
Automatic control theory
Architecture computer systems
Computer networks
Database management systems lecturescomputer workshop, electronic books
Systems theory and systems analysis

Courses on choice of the University

Flexible computerized systems:
part.I. Designing components FCS lectures (archive)
part.II. GIS design
part.III. An algorithmic verification and control of FCS lectures (archive)
Management of technical systems
Software engineering
Theory of algorithms
Information theory and coding
System for signal and image
Protection of information in compute. syst. and networks
Corporate information systems and technology lecture (pdf), lectures (zip)
Computer simulation systems
Diagnosis and reliability of FCS
Artificial intelligence systems
CAD/CAM/CAE systems
operations research
sensory systems