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Congratulations on Independence Day of Ukraine!
August 29, 2019

Dear friends! Dear colleagues! I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the main national holiday – Independence Day of Ukraine!

The day of August 24, 1991 was a turning point in the history of our nation, the point of reference from which the free, sovereign Ukraine began to flow into the future.

The twenty-eight years since that day have been event-rich for Ukraine and its citizens. Many were happy and joyful, others required patience and courage. The test of our love for the Motherland has been in recent years, when the best sons and daughters of our country stood up for it, and thousands of them gave their lives for her freedom and independence. Among those who died for Ukraine are fourteen Kiev polytechnics. Therefore, the notion of independence and unity of Ukraine has acquired special meaning for us. And the spirit of patriotism united people of different nationalities into one modern political nation. A nation that can withstand any weather – and it will win!

This year is a year of great change. It is time for hopes and hopes. The time when we make plans for the future. May they all be fulfilled, and the sun of peace will shine upon our state, and in the life of each one increase the good. It will be so if we all make a concerted effort to preserve and build our native Ukraine! I wish each of you an unwavering faith in her happy destiny!

Happy Holidays to you!

Yours sincerely, Mikhail Zgurovsky