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The Diploma projects defense took place from 15th to 19th June
July 11, 2020

Members of the ES & IoT group were among the bachelors, who combined work in the group with work on their thesis project, which allowed them to design and make real devices or systems. In particular:

Browser based lamp control system” by Maksym Stakhniuk, a student of the IA-61.

“Automated system for growing plants sensitive to abiotic factors” by Vladislav Kotsyurba and Mykhailo Tarasenko, students of the IT-61.

“Automated system for feeding pets” by Kateryna Bevz, a student of the IA-61.

“Automated system of attendanceregistration at classes in high school” by Alina Gavrilyak and Vladislav Khmara, students of IA-61.

Also among the bachelors were students who wrote research papers on the materials of the diploma project for the conference Summer InfoCom Advanced Solutions 2020. In particular:

“Resource management issues in automatic remote installation systems”, author Andriy Telenyk, student of IA-62.

“Testing system based on relative evaluation of statistical samples”, authors Eugene Vovchok and Igor Kovalenko from group IA-62.

“Centralized management of music services”, author Roman Bogomol, a student of IA-62.

Articles and real devices testify to the scientific and practical value of diploma projects, which was duly assessed by the examination commissions.