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Data transfer systems and networks

1. General area:

Data transmission systems and networks, telecommunications networks.

2. Main research areas:

  • Optimal message coding, Noiseproof message coding, Cryptographic messages coding and data protection, data transmission systems (physical, link and network levels);
  • Measurements on data networks (according to the OSI model);
  • Managing data flow in networks;
  • Data transmission systems transmitters and receivers development.


3. The main achievements of the research team led by assoc. prof. Vadim P. Poltorak:

  • a constructive approach to the design of a perfect systematic excessive non-binary code developed, systematic procedures for encoding and decoding data from source in this code developed;
  • BCH code with minimum redundancy variant found;
  • a series of data transmission systems research models with different types of the signal manipulation (on the basis of 518-18laboratory) created;
  • Dynamic programming methods capabilities for routing in networks investigated.


Scientific publications in the direction of “DTS and telecommunication networks design”