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Educational activity concept

The basis of the educational activities of the Department relies on the concept of combining a traditional full-depth comprehensive education and professional requirements from the modern industry. To accomplish this, our students perform educational and scientific work, and participate in engineering projects of the department. This concept is being implemented by teachers of the department – professionals who have the abilities of experienced trainers, scientists and engineers.

Teaching our students by the university’s plans and programs is intertwined with research activities and participation in engineering projects under the guidance of teachers of the department.

Students who want to deepen their knowledge in a widespread perspective information and communication technologies on which they plan to specialize in a future work, a number of interesting certification programs is offered.

Getting a diploma of higher education, our graduates can get 5-6 certificates from leading manufacturers of network and information technologies, equipment for the computer control systems, technologies for computer-aided design and programming.

In particular, a regional Cisco Systems network academy operates on the department’s basis – the world leader in production of networking and advanced communications technologies, where our students have the opportunity to undergo training under the CCNa program (Cisco Certified Network associate) and get a certificate in network technology of international standard. Training in Cisco Regional Networking academy (RNa) for the level of Cisco Certified Network associate (CCNa ™) allows you to work with any network comprising any equipment of any world-wide manufacturers. Each student in the classroom in RNa is individually registered in a training center for Cisco Europe and performs practical lessons in on-line mode under the supervision of the center and an instructor in the RNa classroom. During these sessions, students significantly improve their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in English in the professional area.

With successful completion of the exam (3 attempts are given) student receives a personal license certificate of CCNa ™qualification, which guarantees a prestigious high-paying jobs in computer networking area.

In addition, each student can participate in the study programs to further certify in such tools and technologies: Rational Rose (design technology software); operating systems UNIX, LINUX; SCaDa-systems; systems programming; Internet-providing; the world’s leading manufacturers of controllers (Siemens, Schneider, …).