Our history

History of the aCTS department began in 1945, when the department of “relay and automatics” was founded. In 1963, it was called “automation and Remote Control,” and in 1988 – “automation and control in technical systems” (aCTS). Department of “relay and automatics” submerged from the department of central power plants for training specialists in electrical and telemechanical devices.

Throughout its existence the department has been developing in an educational and scientific areas, learning more and more difficult scientific and technological progress achievements in the field of technical systems control.

In addition to the basic activity – training specialists in the industry, the department carried out a significant methodological and scientific work. The department has worked closely with enterprises and institutions, accomplishing significant amounts of household work. Department of “Relay and automatics” was founded at the KPI in august 23, 1945 as part of the electrics and energetics department (order # 2193K of union commission on the rights of Higher Schools by the RNC of the USSR).

Founder of the department is professor Greben Yosiph Ilyich (1897-1973), graduated from the KPI in 1925, associate professor in 1930 and in 1932 professor and head of the department of electric power stations, since 1945 till 1966 head of the department of automation.

Heads of department and the terms of their tenure:
Greben Yosiph Ilyich – head of the department in 1945-1966 yy.
Katkov a. Fyodor – head of the department in 1966-1983 yy.
Krasnoproshina a. aida – head of the department in 1983-2000 yy.
Telenik F. Sergey – head of the department since 2001 till present time.

The department trains specialists in the following specialties:
1945-1958 – “automated and telemechanic devices “;
1959-1988 – “automation and Remote Control”;
1989-1994 – “computerized automatic control system”;
1995 – to date – “Control and automation systems”;
Since 1997 – two specializations: “information processes management” and “Computerized local systems and networks for information processing and transfer.”

In over 60 years of its existence the department has produced about 5,400 professionals.

Pedagogical schools of the department:

Professor Greben I. I.

  • Establishment period 1945-1968 yy.
  • Main concept: theory and means for technological processes control.

Professor Katkov F.a.

  • Establishment period 1963-1983 yy.
  • The main concept: the elements and systems for remote control.

Professor Krasnoproshina a.a.

  • Establishment period: 1983-1997 gg.
  • Main concept: theory and systems for control. Creates a new specialization: information processes management.

Professor Serdyuk G. B.

  • Establishment period 1971-1999 yy.
  • Main concept: technical diagnostics and reliability of electronic devices.

Professor Zhurakovsky Y. P.

  • Establishment period 1981-2000 yy.
  • Main concept: theory and means of processing and transmitting information, creates a new specialty: the local computerized systems for processing and transmitting information.

The needs of the economy formed the scientific interests of the members of the department in the development of computer science – the science that studies the processes of information transmission and processing in technical systems. In addition, in connection with the general need to use computer technology in the field of automation the department trained specialists(Prof. Samofalov K., et al), which created a new department of computing technique(1960).In the process of development of automation devices and systems it was necessary to create entirely new mechanical systems – control systems: department yet again prepared specialists (Prof. Kostyuk V.I., etc.), who founded the department of Technical Cybernetics (1969).