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For entrant which do not study on the bachelor of department computer technology
  • passport or other document certifying citizenship (original and copies)
  • bachelor’s degree (original and copies)
  • appendix to the bachelor’s degree (original and copies)
  • achievements, if available (scientific articles of the chosen specialty)
  • military document (for boys, original and copies)
  • identification code (original and copies)
  • ​four photos

To submit documents to the selection boards, it is necessary to leave copies of documents.

Information for entrants with printed works that certify creative achievements
Entrants who have printed works that certify creative achievements, it is necessary additionally during the submission of the application, it is necessary to provide the following information in printed form:
  • The first collection sheet.
  • Second page of the collection with requisites and editorial board
  • Content (page with author)
  • Article

Also, entrants who have printed works that certify creative achievements. Title of the article. Title of the magazine. The subject of the letter should indicate the last name, first name and patronymic of the applicant. An example of filling out information about articles can be viewed in attached file.

The work should be at least 5 pages long.


Short Information

  • Studying at the 5th year lasts 1 year 4 months or 1 year 9 months depending on the chosen program of study – educational-professional or educational-scientific.
  • Form of study: full-time and part-time
  • Specialties: 121 Software Engineering 
  • You must submit your documents from 2 July to 3 August
  • Make introductory tests. The first stage of the test – from July 5 to July 9, the second stage – from August 5 to August 9. There are two such tests – entrance exam and foreign language. There are two such tests – entrance exam and foreign language. Schedule of introductory tests. Address of the admission committee
  • Applications for admission to the magistracy
  • List of documents for entry
  • List of printed works
  • Entrance test program
  • The cost of training in 2019

To change the specialty after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. You need to submit documents from 1 July to 2 August and complete the main introductory tests (the first stage of the test – from 5 July to 9 July, the second stage – from 5 August to 9 August) and additional specialty test to determine if you can master select a training program.

About the only entrance exam in a foreign language

You will need to complete a single entrance exam in a foreign language in the form of External independent testing, and for this you must register for the EIT from May 13th to June 3rd (until 6pm) and on July 2nd, prepare English, German or French. The deadline for submitting applications is from July 10 to July 23, and the terms of the introductory professional test are from July 5 to July 26.

Admission to the magistracy is carried out on a competitive basis on the results of entrance examinations, taking into account the integral rating. For information on how to calculate an integral rating, see the link below. Studying in a magistracy is carried out in full-time form.

The department carries out preparation of students for the following specializations:

Specialty: 121 “Software Engineering”