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Microprocessor systems development

1. General area:

 Microprocessor-based systems design.

2. The main directions of research and development:

  • Development of specialized problem-oriented devices;
  • Embedded Systems;
  • automated digital devices design systems.


3. The scientific results:

  • The method of constructing digital functional units based on the bit conversions;
  • a method for constructing asynchronous digital functional units based on the iterative processes;
  • Methods for designing digital devices with low power consumption based on the FPGa;
  • Methods for designing specialized multiprocessor systems based on data flow control;
  • Methods for efficient simulation of digital devices on specialized multiprocessor computing systems;
  • Specialized microprocessor systems programs optimization.


4.Practical results:

  • Specialized stream processor:
  1. The architecture of the CPU block is designed as double-processor system, which consists of a CPU with floating point and fixed point processor, which are guided by the flow of data;
  2. The compiler, which automatically builds processors commands in order of their execution;
  3. The programming model (emulator);
  4. VHDL-model.
  • Fragments of a compiler for microprocessor-based systems:
  1. Programs optimization by combining cycles in order to increase the locality of the programs and reduce the power consumption of microprocessor systems.
  • Software system for building functional units based on the bit conversions.
  • Processor for signal pre-processing of medical ultrasound scanner:
  1. VHDL-model and FPGa-implementation of the processor.


5. Developed and deployed products:

  • Task scheduler for a specialized multiprocessor digital devices models verification system. Conducts parallelization of boolean functions system, which represent a developed device model. The scheduler is designed on request of aldec Inc.
  • Multiprocessor system emulator for digital devices design models verification. The emulator is built as a Windows-program that fully simulates all the functions of a real device. Designed on request of aldec Inc.


Scientific publications in the direction of “Microprocessor Systems Design”.