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Parallel computation technologies development

1. The general trend:

Parallel computing technologies development.

2. Main Research areas

  • adequate parallel computation models development in order to use features of hardware platforms and software for these platforms for effective support of parallel calculations, in particular, multi-core microprocessors, multi-cluster systems, video graphics accelerators and Grid-systems;
  • Creating an effective means of automating the design of parallel programs based on high-level descriptions of the parallel computing processes;
  • Development of applied software systems for parallel processing for separate areas of knowledge and technology.


3. Major achievements (led by prof. anatoliy Y. Doroshenko in NTUU “KPI” and the Institute of Software Systems of NaSU)

  • algebraic dynamic programming models methodology development for multiprocessor computing based on high-level specifications and formal transformations of descriptions of parallel processes up to the level of software code that provides the greatest degree of automation in software development and ensures the accuracy and reliability of the resulting software code;
  • in support of the above-mentioned methodology system of tools for Computer aided Design and synthesis of programs based on algebraic-algorithmic specification and automated formal transformation programs has been developed in order to obtain high-performance parallel computing for different classes of parallel systems – multi-core, cluster, and Grid-architecture;
  • together with the Ukrainian Hydro meteorological Institute a high-performance application system for regional weather forecasting using the parallel computing clustered architecture was developed.


Scientific publications in the area of “Parallel computing technologies development”