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Technological processes measurement and control

1. General area:

Technological processes measurement and control.

2. Main research areas:

  • development of primary and secondary converters for process automation;
  • development of automated process control systems;
  • ensuring the reliability of automated process control systems.


3. Problems solved:

  • Measurements of percentage of solid contents in liquid products;
  • measurement of sucrose content in solutions;
  • measurement of purity of the liquid products in the sugar production;
  • measurement of inner and outer transparent tubes diameters;
  • calculations of reliability of complex information management systems;
  • development of software and hardware automation means based on family of aVR microprocessors.


4. Obtained results and developments:

  • automatic refractometer for measuring the solids concentration in liquid products on the basis of transparent hollow cylinders;
  • measurement device for the inner and outer diameters of transparent tubes in the production process;
  • controllers to collect and transfer information using Gsm-Modules;
  • method of calculating the reliability of hardware and software means and operating personnel of complex information management systems.


Scientific publications in the direction of “Technological processes measurement and control”